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Paradores Galicia.

Galicia counts 11 paradores de turismo in Baiona, Cambados, Ferrol, Monforte de Lemos, Pontevedra, Ribadeo, Santiago de Compostela, Santo Estevo, Tui, Verin and Vilalba. This area profits from a very soft Atlantic climate. Its Baixas Rias counts some famous balnear resorts, in particular Sanxenxo.

The parador Baiona in the province of Pontevedra, is an old fortress restored in the pure spirit of the Galician architecture. The hotel dominates the coast and the rooms have a seasight. The restaurant serves specialities as fish and seafood. From there, the customers have access to the very beautiful beaches of the Baixas Rias. Address: Castillo Monterreal, s/n, 36300 Baiona (Pontevedra). Tel.: 00 34 986355000.

The parador Cambados, located in the province of Pontevedra, close to the Baixas Rias, a headlight tourist destination in Galicia. The rooms of this 4 seasons hotel are very comfortable and as for all the paradores, decorated with the best taste. The hotel has a swimming pool and a pleasant interior garden. The restaurant of the establishment proposes specialities of fish and seafood, that you will eat accompanied by Albariño, the famous white wine of the country. Address: Pº Calzada, s/n 36630 Cambados, Pontevedra. Tel.: 00 34 986542250.

The parador Ferrol is an old manor, with a typical Galician architecture and the interior decoration gives a broad place to the maritime tradition of the area. The ocher color dominates in the rooms and adds to the comfort and the intimacy of the place. The restaurant of the hotel proposes a traditional regional cuisine made with dishes of fish and seafood. Address: C Almirante Fernández Martín, s/n 15401 Ferrol, Corogne. Tel.: 00 34 981356720.

The parador Monforte de Lemos old brood Benedictines from the 17th century dominates the city. The decoration of the place associates the majesty of the cloister and the elegance of the furnishing of the rooms. The restaurant proposes a traditional Galician cuisine with game and fish specialities. The tourists can choose a formula circuit of the "Way of Santiago-de-Compostela". The establishment has of a sports hall, an open swimming pool in summer and a jacuzzi. Address: Plaza Luis de Góngora y Argote, s/n 27400 Monforte de Lemos, Lugo. Tel.: 00 34 982418484.

The parador Pontevedra, a palate of the 16th century, is in the historical quarter of the city. The Renaissance spirit is present in the decoration and the furnishing of the rooms and common parts. The restaurant proposes a typical cuisine from the Galician coast. Sanxenxo, famous seaside resort of the Baiwas Rias is less than 20 kilometers far from there. Address: C Barón, 19 36002 Pontevedra, Pontevedra. Tel.: 00 34 986855800.

The parador of Ribadeo at the edge of the ria, faces the Asturias. The rooms and suites of the hotel, which some of them have a terrace with sight on Ribadeo, are very roomy. The restaurant proposes a typical cuisine from Galice. The customers can choose a formula proposing the discovery of Green Spain. This circuit leaves Cantabria and finishes in Galica. Addresses: C/ Amador Fernández, 7 27700 Ribadeo, Lugo. Tel.: 00 34 982128825.

The parador Santiago de Compostela is installed in the walls of an old hospital and a pilgrims reception centrre, built in the 15th century. This hotel, one of the most luxurious in Spain offers the broadest range of services. The decoration and the furnishing of the rooms and suite are the reflect of the majestic beauty of the building. On the spot, the customers have a bunch of places to visit, downtown, first of all with the cathedral, and then outside, with Sanxenxo and the other Rias Baixas seaside resorts, or the Portugal. University town and place of pilgrimage, Santiago de Compostela is also a very festive city, in particular in the evening. During the year, various important cultural events proceed in the surroundings, in particular the naval action of Vilagarcía, third Saturday of August, the Viking arrival in Catoira, first Sunday of August, or the seafood Feria in Grove in October. The two restaurants of the establishment propose the numerous specialities of Galicia. Addresss: Plaza Do Obradoiro, 1 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna. Tel.: 00 34 981582200.

The parador Santo Estevo is in the walls of an old monastery of Benedictines. Today, this building from the medieval time is a very comfortable establishment with rooms comfortable and furnished in a contemporary style. The hotel has a modern and perfectly equipped spa. The restaurant serves dishes as trouts, eels and other Galician specialities. Address: Monasterio de Santo Estevo 32162 Nogueira de Ramuín, Ourense. Tel.: 00 34 988010110.

The parador of Tui was built on the bank of the Minho river, border with Portugal, in the respect of the rural architecture of the galice. The hotel insides and the rooms, comfortable and functional benefit from the presence of very close nature. This hotel which has an adventure playground for the children, a tennis court and an open swimming pool in summer, is ideal for a stay in family. At the time of a stay in Tui, the holiday maker can visit the Portuguese city of Valença do Minho which is on the other side of the river. In February the town of Tui organizes its carnival. Address: Avenida. Portugal, s/n 36700 Tui, Pontevedra. Tel.: 00 34 986600300.

The parador of Verin is a comfortable hotel with agreeably furnished rooms. The hot colors of decoration and furniture create a convivial environment. The children have a game area and and the swimming pool is open in summer. The place is very well adapted to holidays in family. At the restaurant, the customers will appreciate the typical Galician receipts. Address: 32600 Verín, Ourense. Tel.: 00 34 988410075.

The parador of Vilalba is installed in a keep of the 15th century. The roomy rooms are furnished in a traditional Spanish style. For their relaxation, the customers have access to a sauna and a hall sports. The restaurant serves a tasty cuisine with brioches, roasted and capons. Addresses: C/ Valeriano Valdesuso, s/n 27800 Vilalba, Lugo. Tel.: 00 34 982510011.

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