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Paradores in Castilla-Mancha.

Castilla La Mancha counts 8 paradores de turismo in Siguenza, Alarcon, Albacete, Almagro, Cuenca, Manzanares, Oropesa and Toledo. This area rich in monuments, asserts an immense cultural and history heritage.

The parador Alarcon is an Arab fortress from the 8th century in Castilla Mancha, which medieval character was perfectly restored during the restoration of the place. This splendid interior decoration and furnishing work gives a magic aspect to the unit. At the restaurant, the game amateurs will appreciate the pigeons, ruails and other hares, often spiced. Address: Avenida Amigos DE los Castillos, 3 16214 Alarcón Cuenca. Tel.: 00 34 969330315.

The parador Almagro, old convent from the 17th century, knew to preserve the spirit of the moment of its construction, and the rooms, old Franciscan monks cells, are a call to serenity. The swimming pool solarium is also a place of relaxation, very pleasant to take a drink in the freshness of the evening. The restaurant of the establishment proposes specialities from Castilla-Mancha, inter alia, ham and eggplants of Almagro. Address: Ronda San Francisco, 31 13270 Almagro, Ciudad Real. Tel.: 00 34 926860100.

The parador Albacete is the ideal place for rest and relaxation. The establishment decorated with an excellent taste gives to the customer the opportunity to laze in the shaded garden or at the edge of the swimming pool. There is a pitch and putt for the golfers. Address: CN-301, km. 251 02080 Albacete, Albacete. Tel.: 00 34 967245321.

The parador Cuenca is installed in the walls of an old convent from the 16th century. The establishment has of a swimming pool with solarium and a tennis court. The restaurant proposes a cuisine from castilla Mancha with force game and roasts. To discover: The Don Quichotte circuit, organized around the life of Cervantes, and which goes during 7 nights, from parador to parador through Castilla-mancha. Address: Subida a San Pablo, s/n 16001 Cuenca, Cuenca. Tel.: 00 34 969232320.

The parador Manzanares in the province of Ciudad Real, is located between the natural parks of Cabañeros, the "Tablas de Daimiel" and the lagoons of Ruidera. A swimming pool and an adventure playground for children give to the hotel a very convivial aspect. The decoration of the rooms is cordial. The restaurant serves a cuisine from the soil, made up with ragouts, fried eggs and bacon or sauce rabbits. Address: Autovía Andalucía, km. 175 13200 Manzanares, Ciudad Real. Tel.: 00 34 926610400.

The parador Oropesa is installed in a medieval castle, old residence of the counts de Tolède. Located on a height, it dominates the Sierra de Gredos. In this part of Castilla-Mancha, the specialities from Toledo count many game receipts, suggested in the restaurant of the establishment. The decoration of the rooms and common parts is a daring compromise between the medieval spirit of the places and modernity. Address: . Pza. Palacio, 1 45560 Oropesa, Toledo. Tel.: 00 34 925430000.

The parador Siguenza is installed in a very beautiful medieval castle, old royal residence. The decoration and the furniture of the rooms respect perfectly the epoch and the Castilian style. A stay in the parador of Siguenza constitutes a visit of the history of the area. At the restaurant, the customers will enjoy a tasty castillan cuisine. Address: Plaza del Castillo, s/n 19250 Sigüenza, Guadalajara. Tel.: 00 34 949390100.

The parador Toledo was built on the Cerro del Emperador which overhangs the city. From this high position, the visitor discovers a complete panorama of the city and its historic buildings, in particular Alcazar and the cathedral. The rooms are comfortable, roomy and some have a impressive view of the city and the neighborhoods. From Mid-July to mid-September, the customers have access to the swimming pool. Address: Cerro del Emperador, s/n 45002 Tolede, Tolede. Tel.: 00 34 925221850.

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