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Paradores in Castilla-y-Leon.

The Castille-there-Leon counts 15 paradores of turismo with Avila, Benavente, Cervera de Pisuerga, Ciudad Rodrigo, Gredos, the granja, Leon, Lerma, Puebla de Sanabria, Salamanque, Segovia, Soria, Tordesillas, Villafranca del Bierzo and Zamora. This area rich in monuments, asserts an immense cultural and history heritage.

The parador Avila in Castille E Leon is installed in the old castle of the city. Its rooms and suites were restored and furnished in the respect of the Castilian spirit. Its restaurant proposes the roasts and veal chops, representative of the gastronomy of the province. Address: Markes Canales de Chozas, 2 05001 Ávila, Ávila. Tel.: 00 34 920211340.

The parador of Benavente is a medieval castle, restored in the Renaissance style. Located in Castilla Y Leon in the province of Zamora, it was decorated in a marked Castilian style. The rooms located at the ground floor have a small terrace open on the garden, where it is pleasant to have breakfast under the sun. Address: Pº of Mota, s/n 49600 Benavente, Zamora. Tel.: 00 34 980630300.

The parador of Cervera de Pisuerga is on the Lake Ruesga bank, in the middle of a sumptuous landscape, in the province of Palencia, north of Castille E Leon. The decoration of the rooms gives a great place to wood, archetypal material in this mountain area . Artisanal pork-butchery, roast lamb and trouts are in the menu of the restaurant of this parador. On the spot, the tourists will discover the hiking trails traced in the middle of the forests and rivers banks. Address: Ctra. de Resoba, km. 2.5 34840 Cervera de Pisuerga, Palencia. Tel.: 00 34 979870075.

The parador Ciudad Rodrigo is an old medieval fortress. Interior decoration is typically Castilian. Because of the presence of many historic buildings in this part of Castille Leon, the place is appropriate for cultural tourism. The restaurant serves a cuisine marked by the Castilian influence. Address: Pza. Castillo, 1 37500 Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca. Tel.: 00 34 923460150.

The parador of Gredos deserves a particular mention: Inaugurated in 1928 per Alphonse XIII of Spain, it's the first establishment of the chain. Neo-classic decoration confers to the place a particular charm and points out this statute of elder legitimately allotted to the establishment. The restaurant proposes a cuisine of Castille and Leon rich in meats and vegetables. The amateurs of history can choose a formula "Circuit of the natural park of Gredos and national park of Monfragüe". Address: AV-941, km. 10 05635 Navarredonda de Gredos, Ávila. Tel.: 00 34 920348048.

The parador Granja is a majestic building, old castle of the royal family of Spain. This luxurious establishment knew how to associate the historical dimension of the place with a decoration which leaves a broad place to modernity, for a perfect esthetic success. The rooms where white is the main colour, are as comfortable as luminous. The spa, the hall sports, the swimming pool and its solarium constitute the places of back in shape. The restaurant has a very beautiful terrace, which lighting is ideal for an intimate dinner, where one will eat a traditional Castille and Leon cuisine. Address: Calle de los Infantes, 40100 Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia. Tel.: 00 34 921010750.

The parador of Leon counts among the most luxurious establishments of Spain. This old monastery hospital built at the 16th century draws up its imposing frontage on the place San marcos and its interior court incites to meditation. The rooms are furnished in different styles but always with the best taste. The tourists who would like to associate holidays and spirituality, can choose a formula "Circuit of the Way of Santiago", which from parador to parador, will carry them out to Santiago-de-Compostela. Address: Pza. de San Marcos, 7 24001 León, León. Tel.: 00 34 987237300.

The parador Lerma is installed in the walls of the old palate of the dukes of Lerma. This very beautiful masonry counts seventy luxurious rooms and suites. In 2010, the formula "Circuit of the Cid" will give to the holiday makers the opportunity to go through Castilla and Leon, Castilla Mancha, Aragon and the community of Valence to follow the course of the Cid campeador. Address: Plaza Mayor, 1 09340 Lerma, Burgos. Tel.: 00 34 947177110.

The parador Puebla de Sanabria, located at the Portuguese border is appreciated by hikers for the beauty of natural spaces, inter alia the Lake Sanabria and the Parque Natural de Montesinho. The building is modern and the rooms furnished with a stripped elegance. The restaurant serves a typical cuisine from Sanabria, inter alia very tasty trouts and local broad beans. The customers have access to a swimming pool and the children have an adventure playground. Address: Avenida. Lago de Sanabria, 18 49300 Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora. Tel.: 00 34 980620001.

The parador Salamanca is located on a height and offers a broad panorama of the city. The rooms with hot colors, are furnished with taste. For their leisures, the customers have a sports hall, a sauna, a tennis court and a swimming pool. People who look for cultural tourism can follow the circuit of humanity inheritance cities, in order to discover the architectural richness of Avila, Segovia or Cuenca, through Castille and Leon, community of Madrid and Castilla-la-Mancha. The restaurant proposes a refined carte where appear inter alia torta in hard-boiled eggs, white roll, artisanal Iberian pork-butchery and cheese of Hinojosa. Address: C/ Teso de la Feria, 2 37008 Salamanca, Salamanca Tel.: 00 34 923192082.

The parador Segovia is a modern building with resolutely contemporary decoration. The roomy and comfortable rooms, have a superb sight of Segovia and its area. The hotel has 2 swimming pools, 1 interior air-conditioned and 1 external, open in summer, sauna, tennis court and hall sports. The restaurant serves a typical cuisine from Castilla and Leon. In winter, the holiday makers can go to ski in the ski stations of Navacerrada and Pinilla. Address: Carretera de Valladolid, s/n 40003 Segovia, Segovia. Tel.: 00 34 921443737.

The parador of Soria built in the heart of the countryside on a timbered hill, offers a splendid panorama of the area. The rooms with contemporary decoration, are very comfortable and perfectly equipped. On the spot, the visitors can attend the Sant John or the Madre de Dios, festival which proceeds the Thursday after Midsummer's Day. The restaurant proposes a traditional cuisine from Castilla and Leon. Address: Parque del Castillo, s/n 42005 Soria, Soria. Tel.: 00 34 975240800.

The parador of Tordesillas in Castilla Y Leon, is a manor installed in the heart of the countryside. The Castilian style inspired the decoration of the very comfortable rooms of the establishment. The same applies to the bar and the restaurant. At the restaurant, the customers will appreciate the soups, poultries and roasts cooked according to the typical receipts from Castilla. Many leisures are at the disposal of the customers: Sports hall 2 swimming pool including one interior heated and one external, open in summer, a sauna and for the children, an adventure playground. Address: Ctra. of Salamanca, 5 47100 Tordesillas, Valladolid. Tel.: 00 34 983770051.

The parador Villafranca del Bierzo in Castilla Leon is a 3 seasons hotel with 39 comfortable and furnished in a traditional Spanish style rooms. The place is comfortable and favourable for the relaxation. The restaurant serves a refined cuisine with trouts, puffs, and local pork-butchery. Address: Avenida. Calvo Sotelo, 28 24500 Villafranca del Bierzo, León. Tel.: 00 34 987540175.

The parador Zamora is a splendid palate Renaissance, built on the heights of the city. The rooms are furnished and decorated with much taste. The hotel offers many services, of which an open swimming pool in summer. The restaurant proposes a delicate and tasty Castilian cuisine. Address: Plaza de Viriato, 5 49001 Zamora, Zamora. Tel.: 00 34 980514497.

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