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Paradors in Principality of Asturias

The Principality of Asturias, septentrional area of Spain counts 2 paradores installed in historical buildings with Cangas de Onis and Gijon.

The parador of Cangas de Onis is an old monastery built in overhang of the Sella river. The rooms with the ceilings in vaults of the hotel, shelter a vault pointing out the religious past of the place. The hot colors and their filtered lighting give to the rooms a friendly atmosphere. Address: Villanueva 33550 Cangas de Onís, Asturias. Tel.: 00 34 985849402.

The parador of Gijon is established in an old mill, located in the gardens of Isabel the Catholic. The rooms are comfortable and furnished in the spirit of the place. The restaurant proposes a typical cuisine of Asturies with potful, local cassoulet and seafood preparations. Address: Parque Isabel la Católica. s/n 33203 Gijón, Asturies. Tel.: 00 34 985370511.

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