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Paradors in Aragon

Aragon, mountainous region of Spain counts 4 paradores of turismo in Alcaniz, Bielsa, Sos del Rey Catolico and Teruel. The amateurs of excursions and tourism of adventure will appreciate the wild nature of the area.

The parador of Alcaniz is a building built at the 12th century and completed in the 13th. Built on a hill, this old convent dominates the neighborhoods and offers to the visitor the splendid panorama of the town of Alcaniz and the Guadalope river. The place is perfect for the amateurs of excursions and white water rafting in the rivers of Aragon. The restaurant of the hotel proposes Aragonese specialities inspired of the cuisine of mountain, with roast meats or in legs. Address: Castillo Calatravos, s/n 44600 Alcañiz, Teruel. Tel.: 00 34 978830400.

The parador of Bielsa is located in Aragon. The customers will appreciate the comfort of the rooms and the communion with the nature, which one discovers as soon as he leaves the hotel. The amateurs of excursions and adventure sports will be here, in their element. The restaurant proposes at the same time a solid and refined cuisine, with specialities of trouts, hams and game. Address: Valle de Pineta, s/n 22350 Bielsa, Huesca. Tel.: 00 34 974501011.

The parador of Sos del Rey Catolico is a restored Aragonese manor. The decoration of the rooms and common rooms is a daring mixture of tradition and modernity. At the time of a stay in Sos del Rey Católico, the tourists can attend the local festival which proceeds during the 2nd fortnight of August or the pilgrimage Valentuñana in Easter period. Address C Arquitecto Sainz de Vicuña, s/n 50680 Sos del Rey Católico, Saragossa. Tel.: 00 34 948888011.

The parador of Teruel is a Mudejar style palate. The rooms with sober furniture are very comfortable and have many services. The restaurant proposes a typical cuisine of the area, with soups and ragouts. For her leisures, the customers have of a tennis court and a swimming pool, open in summer. Various festivals take place during the year (marriage of Isabel de Segura in February, Holy Week at Easter, festivals of the Angel during la1ère fortnight of July, ham festivals in September…). Address: Carretera Sagunto-Burgos, N-234, km. 122.5 44003 Teruel, Teruel. Tel.: 00 34 978601800.

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